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Farleigh Consulting test purchasing

Test Purchasing: Ensuring compliance with Trading Standards

  • Evaluation of potential risks and weaknesses
  • Ensuring levels of service and deployment of company policies

Your quality of staff and level of customer service defines your company's image in the eyes of your clients and is an area which needs a careful but constant level of quality control. You need to be certain that your staff are projecting and maintaining your company's policies and procedures in a consistent, professional manner whilst they are treating you and your clients honestly in the manner which would be expected. Using this service can also ensure that your staff are working within the law regarding sales of restricted items and can identify where extra training is required to guarantee full compliance with all current legislation.

After discussing the best options for your business, we deploy individuals or groups of trained purchasing personnel to a wide variety of suppliers, identifying any projected discrepancies in company policies and faithfully recording the actions of staff whilst always maintaining the integrity and discretion of your business.

Case Study - A large international computer parts manufacturer requested the assistance of Farleigh in identifying businesses that were flooding the market with counterfeit products of their brand. Farleigh organised and completed several national and international covert buying operations which resulted in the client being able to take action and close several businesses which were damaging their brand and reputation by manufacturing and supplying sub-standard counterfeit products.

A service to verify that your company's image is being projected to the highest level:

  • Uniquely designed plan of action which will cover all your requirements
  • Single or multiple operatives deployed at agreed dates and times or on an ad-hoc basis
  • Swift identification and containment of risks and problems
  • Compliance with current trading legislation verified
  • Corroboration of staff honesty