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Investigations since 1979

Farleigh Consulting surveillance

Surveillance: Discreet, effective intelligence gathering

  • Incontrovertible evidence, unsurpassed report quality
  • Business intelligence to tailor products or services

Whether mobile or static surveillance, Farleigh Consultants' team have had years of experience in providing a discreet and effective service for intelligence gathering. Our wealth of experience means that there is virtually no scenario or situation where we cannot obtain high quality footage and observational intelligence. We will construct and execute a service which will meet all your needs in a quiet, unobtrusive manner. Our professional teams will gather video, audio or photographic evidence which will enable you to successfully progress actions and close situations which require urgent attention to prevent financial or reputation loss.

Case Study - Working with a crime and disorder partnership on an Inner London estate affected by 'Crack Cocaine' drug dealing, Farleigh investigators agreed a plan with the local Housing Association to provide covert CCTV and surveillance evidence to clearly establish the existence and the usage of 9 'crack houses'. Evidence obtained by the Farleigh team, led to searches and closure of the premises, restoring control and thus improving quality of life for residents.

Farleigh Consultants offer a low key almost invisible service:

  • Litigation/dispute resolution
  • Long-term sickness from place of work
  • Insurance claims
  • Matrimonial/divorce
  • Intelligence gathering and asset verification
  • Company fraud
  • Risk analysis