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Farleigh Consulting sublet fraud investigation

Sublet Fraud: misusing and benefiting from your assets

  • Maintaining the value of your investments
  • Prevention of catastrophic legal costs

Currently unlawful subletting is not a criminal offence but Government Legislation is being proposed to create a new criminal offence of Tenancy Fraud to try to eliminate this as between 50,000 and 160,000 social homes are thought to be sub-let. Sublet fraud can, in some instances, generate lucrative profits for individuals and organised groups and can give rise to many illegal activities such as drug use, immigration and National Security breaches, financial and identity fraud often finishing with horrific legal bills for the owner and greatly reduced asset values.

Farleigh Consultants will protect your investment with discreet validation packages, adapted to your budget, which will cross-reference information to identify possible discrepancies or mismatches. We will enable you to react quickly, legally, effectively and efficiently to remove unauthorised occupants by taking appropriate actions without delay and we will provide comprehensive information about clients or prospective clients.

Case Study - Information was received from a Local Authority believing a tenant was sub-letting their council property and attempting to exercise their right to buy under the Housing Act. In depth investigations by Farleigh investigators revealed that the subject owned two other houses. As a result of this evidence the subject vacated the house and abandoned the claim to buy thus saving the council over £50,000 in lost revenue.

Farleigh Consultants will give you a 360 degree containment package which will include:

  • Thorough investigation
  • Presentation of clear and precise reports
  • Use of the latest technology to verify suspected fraud
  • Rapid response to mitigate further losses and assist in recovery of assets