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Investigations since 1979

Farleigh Consulting security consultancy

Security Consultancy: specialist risk assessment

  • Protecting your reputation by avoiding and mitigating threats
  • Close inspection of vulnerabilities and impact on your business

Guaranteeing to provide the best possible solutions to your security needs through best practice, Farleigh Consultants will analyse every aspect of your business or facilities to gain a clear overview of all current and projected security strengths and weaknesses. Using our combined decades of professional experience we present a focussed view of current security threats. This will enable us to present you with a comprehensive, cost-effective plan of action which will clearly identify the areas needing attention by demonstrating the level of performance required in these areas to be a fully effective solution both physically and financially.

Our step-by-step plan will address each segment of your security requirements and will detail how they can be resolved to present you with the best protection and peace of mind. Once agreed the plan will be quickly and professionally implemented with the minimum of fuss or disruption with a high level of discretion.

Case Study - An international film and camera manufacturing company believed that they were having an internal theft issue and turned to Farleigh to conduct a thorough investigation. The thieves and handlers of stolen goods involved were identified by Fareigh resulting in the recovery of significant assets. Subsequently a full security review was conducted and recommendations made. However, the client failed to adopt the recommended practices and procedures resulting in them being the victim of the same crime again a relatively short time later.

A highly specialised service from Farleigh Consultants:

  • Identification of security concerns
  • Specific and bespoke risk assessment for each client
  • Clear presentation of counter-measures required
  • Discreet and swift implementation of tailored solutions
  • Unbiased, impartial and objective advice from highly trained and observant professionals