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Farleigh Consulting pre-employment employee screening

Pre-Employment Screening: a vital service

  • Avoid fraud and damage to your reputation
  • Ensure all current legislation and standards are met

Are you 100% sure who you have employed? 71% of employers have discovered lies on CVs…usually when it is too late and 50% of UK employers incurred expenses when having to withdraw job offers or dismiss an employee for factual misrepresentation. Many employers lack the basic knowledge of employment eligibility checks to confirm that an employee has the right to work in the UK.

The level of screening can be as comprehensive as your budget will allow but will still be thorough and professionally in-depth helping to eliminate legal risks and liabilities. Using employment screening ensures that your employment decisions are accurately based on fact.

Case Study - A prestigious jewellery retail outlet asked Farleigh to conduct a pre-employment screening in relation to an individual that they were looking to employ in a key position within one of their retail stores. The individual had been recommended by their previous employer. A rigorous investigation by Farleigh revealed that the individual had an issue with the use of recreational drugs. The client chose an alternative candidate.

Farleigh Consultants will ensure that any applicant or current employee:

  • Is the person who they claim to be
  • Has the required,experience and genuine qualifications which they claim to have gained
  • Are eligible to work in the UK
  • Has a genuine passport
  • Has accurate references