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Farleigh Consulting individual tracing

Individual Tracing: pinpointing people worldwide

  • Unique tracing technology for quicker results
  • Unlimited access to worldwide databases

Using the latest technology, some of which is unique to us, our researchers can probe every facet from current and historical traces of an individual, either in the UK or abroad, compiling an accurate report which in turn leads to a successful outcome in locating a person who has deliberately disappeared from society. Using information unavailable to the general public, Farleigh's researchers undertake the best, most cost efficient approach, from direct or indirect enquiries, to expedite a quick and successful result.

Case Study - A large financial services company was interested in tracing an individual who had left the country owing it a substantial amount of money. They contacted Farleigh who conducted an in-depth investigation which resulted in the individual being traced to an obscure address in Australia. Owing to the laws of Australia the individual had to settle the debt or face the prospect of being deported with his family. He duly paid all outstanding monies owed to the complete satisfaction of the client.

A comprehensive service which helps you to find and contact people faster:

  • Discreet and anonymous
  • Employing highly trained and experienced staff
  • Use of the latest technology, some of which is unique to Farleigh Consultants
  • Thorough and comprehensive research and verification of facts
  • Substantial support worldwide
  • Constant updating of reports to make you fully aware at all times
  • Constantly updated cost control enabling you to monitor your budget