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Farleigh Consulting employee theft and internal fraud

Employee Theft and Internal Fraud: Discreet research to

  • Mitigate cost to reputation and inventory
  • Ensure all current legislation and standards are met

Most people convicted of stealing or committing fraud from their employer have no previous convictions and are responding to a negative change in their domestic or financial situations.

Farleigh Consultants will unobtrusively and professionally monitor any suspicion of fraud or stealing from a company, to mitigate the consequences and ensure that the problem is quickly and discreetly resolved. Insider crime can have serious effects on the reputation, both financial and public, of a company. Professional in-depth and constant vetting of staff is the most effective way to ensure that your business is in a strong, vigilant position to prevent internal fraud or removal of goods.

Case Study - A company was suspicious that a fraud was being committed by an unknown employee in relation to the claiming of expenses. Detailed examination of documentation by Farleigh investigators discovered the owner of the loyalty card was a family member of an employee in the accounts department. The suspect was interviewed by Farleigh investigators and admitted fraud over a two year period in excess of £10,000.

Using the latest technology and years of experience Farleigh Consultants will provide a:

  • Quick response to mitigate loss of assets and reputation
  • Discreet surveillance and professional backup service
  • Thorough investigation at all levels, UK-based or worldwide
  • Employment of cutting edge technology to identify situations or inappropriate actions
  • Defined strategy, information analysis and execution of subsequent action