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Farleigh Consulting due diligence

Due Diligence requires a business or person to:

  • have taken all reasonable steps to avoid fraud or dishonesty
  • have exercised all options to avoid committing any offences

In business ensuring a high level of care prior to the completion of any transaction is fundamental to preserve investors’ faith, company share price and to meet or exceed compliance with current and future legislature. Due diligence is a necessary, confidential examination of all aspects of any merger, acquisition or joint partnership venture to guarantee that all company, financial, legal and employee records are true, thorough and accurate representations of past, present and future trading. Nobody likes an unwelcome surprise and Farleigh Consultant’s professional and unobtrusive examinations will avoid this concern.

Farleigh Consultant’s professional teams work discreetly and anonymously worldwide, in the UK and also in the Emerging Markets. We provide a 360 degree level of cover to guarantee that any business venture, no matter how large or small, will only reflect as a financially or strategically beneficial decision to your customers, shareholders and the General Public.

Case Study - A major multi-national pharmaceutical company was proposing a merger with an Eastern European company. Due Diligence by Farleigh revealed that the main shareholder of the main company involved was a nominee acting on behalf of a man with substantial links to organised crime. The Due Diligence enabled the Company to proceed with their venture not including the nominee.

Business Investigation:

  • Particular Supplier/customer reliance
  • Recent adverse publicity
  • Expected Expenditure
  • Competitors
  • State of the market

Employee Investigation:

  • Staffing levels
  • Contracts
  • Legal cases
  • State of labour market’s ability
  • Legal documents
  • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property, mortgages, leases and titles

Legal Compliance:

  • All standards