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Farleigh Consulting close protection

Close Protection: Stability and safety wherever, whenever

  • Inconspicuous protection or a highly visible deterrent
  • Renowned for our discretion, reliability, professionalism and tact

A visible or invisible shield protecting you and your assets Farleigh Consultants provide the most experienced professionals and the best cover of protection at all times wherever you are, whatever you are doing. By carefully calculating your needs and the level of discretion required, we will deliver an individually constructed plan which will give you continuous peace of mind. Our years of experience have enabled us to supply the correct and unobtrusive level of protection to individuals and commercial clients, in any environment, including hostile whatever the attendant risk. In assessing the required level of protection we will take into account the lifestyle and expectations of each client and seamlessly blend into their lives.

Case Study - Farleigh were contacted by the lawyer of a high net worth foreign businessman who was coming to the UK to purchase a Premier League Football Club and required a discreet Close Protection team. As a result Farleigh provided a full team, vehicles and drivers who took responsibility for the principal's safety and security from the moment he and his entourage arrived in the country until they returned to their native country.

Farleigh Consultants, unparalleled expertise at all times:

  • We only employ trained and experienced professional staff
  • 24/7 or short-term protection
  • Full safety assessment and protection level requirements delivered for each client
  • Seamless integration into your lifestyle
  • Full back-up and support available at all times
  • Close control of all costs