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Background Checks and Pre-Employment screening...do you have the right person?

So Mr XXXX, can you tell me, where did you do your BSc and on your CV it states that you passed with distinction….Your CV also states you have no previous or outstanding convictions, that’s great, when can you start?

Background checks provide companies with needed information about individuals’ history, especially work history. These background checks also contain information about civil reports as well as a credit report, which can determine who may have been previously underemployed or might have a tendency to live beyond their means. However, criminal background checks can also be important for an employer hiring into positions with a significant risk of theft, and to avoid workplace violence.

There are a number of conditions to verify before settling on a single background check provider. One of them is the scope of the background checks provided, that is, how many different categories of information they will provide. Another very important factor is the depth they research the individual. They should at least be able to verify educational credentials and provide proper academic records. They should have criminal records in detail, rather than charges which could mean practically anything.

The absolute final deciding factor will probably be the turnaround time for receiving results, and the cost of the checks. Background checks can be costly and time consuming, but service providers try to compete and they are skilled enough to be able to report in a timely manner. You shouldn’t settle for less with such an important deciding factor for hiring on new workers.

There has been a number of cases recently within the security industry where fake certificates have been used to gain employment in high risk situations. Would you want to be protected by somebody with fake certificates…..Neither would I.

Farleigh Consultants Ltd have been carrying out ethical investigations worldwide since 1979. We use the latest techniques, some of which are unique to us, to ensure that the person you want to place in a position of trust is exactly who you think they are!

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