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Farleigh Consulting employee background checks

Background checks: Authenticating personal documents

  • From routine background check to highly specialised services
  • Ensures management of new and current hires

Identity theft, industrial espionage, inconsistent or unverifiable work history, employee fraud, Intellectual Property/process theft, undisclosed criminal records, fraudulent CV claims etc., are all reasons why businesses need to be 100% sure of any person who they offer a contract of employment to or any member of staff being considered for promotion. Your staff will reflect your core business aspects to customers and the General Public and are the primary foundation of building trust in your company.

All aspects of an applicant’s previous history can be assessed, including absenteeism, loyalty, stability of employment and trustworthiness and we will produce a report which will identify areas of concern and ultimately minimise the risks associated with new employee hire or internal promotion. The level and depth of the checks can be adjusted to the responsibility level within the company.

Case Study - A well-known Recruitment Consultancy contacted Farleigh and requested assistance with checking one of their candidate's background. Following extensive enquiries by Farleigh it was confirmed that the candidate, who claimed to have two degrees from different awarding bodies, had no such qualifications, nor had they attended either of the institutions. The individual was removed from the interview process.

Farleigh Consultants use the latest technology to:

  • Provide a professional, discreet and tailored service
  • Advise on how to reduce your business risk
  • Advise on how to minimise the threat of litigation and damage to your reputation
  • Help you to reduce the costs incurred by selecting inappropriate staff
  • Help you to secure your assets