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Farleigh Consulting asset tracing

Asset Tracing: global authentication & certification of assets

  • Worldwide verification and classification of claimed assests
  • Fully comprehensive service tailored to each client

Farleigh Consultants Asset Tracing Team, united with a firm grounding of Due Diligence, will verify that any company which you deal with has the backing and support which they claim to have, including identification and valuation of assets, location of hidden assets, verification of asset worth and acquisition or partnership confirmation. With decades of global experience and through our bespoke service, our teams can provide guaranteed support to any business decision using strategic planning and expertly assembled information.

Successful Asset tracing of goods which have been removed fraudulently, relies not only on the physical recovery but on an accurate understanding of the costs involved, especially when considering assets situated abroad. The chances of a successful outcome from litigation to recover debts from a company or individual can also be accurately assessed from information which our teams have years of experience in sorting, classifying and compiling quickly.

Case Study - A large and respected European Bank requested assistance from Farleigh in tracing the assets of several individuals who it was believed had been involved in a £100m fraud in relation to currency deals. Farleigh conducted a highly discreet investigation that identified millions of pounds worth of assets in relation to these individuals in several countries. Details of these assets were passed back to the client who successfully brought criminal proceedings against the individuals and managed to recoup a large portion of their losses.

Our experts will verify and classify the real or imaginary, the worthwhile or worthless with:

  • Guaranteed results and clear, certifiable documentation
  • Specialist, highly experienced investigators
  • Worldwide and confidential operations
  • Proven track record of constant successes