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Farleigh Consulting discreet professional solutions

Farleigh Consultants: discreetly delivering professional solutions for private and public sectors

In a rapidly changing society the need for vigilance, safety and the legal requirements for corporate responsibility are increasing and are a main focus of current and proposed Government legislation.

Our professionally experienced staff combine operational service at senior levels in the police and military with extensive practical experience in the commercial and financial worlds and have acted in an advisory capacity to national governments and other public authorities, helping to develop and implement Security Policy Documents and contingency planning.

Farleigh’s range of available expertise includes highly experienced forensic accountants, computer analysts, document examiners and specialist lawyers. All are highly competent in their respective fields and understanding of their clients’ best interests whilst maintaining a discreet but effective service. In addition, we maintain an extensive network of professional investigators throughout the world, enabling us to act on your behalf at short notice without border restrictions.

By carefully developing our unique service infrastructure and focussing on a personal service to our clients, we have employed cutting-edge technology, backed by experienced staff and focussed management, which guarantees that you will be protected and any issues will be resolved to and beyond your expectations.